Program Educational Objectives

Fundamental Knowledge: Enable the graduates to excel in Civil Engineering career by imparting a strong foundation in mathematics, basic sciences and engineering fundamentals.
Engineering Practice: Provide necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in Civil Engineering to practice in various sectors, focusing on sustainable solutions, professional ethics and social accountability.
Professional Skills: Capable of working effectively both as leader and team member in a professional environment utilizing managerial and life skills to achieve the goals of engineering projects.
Lifelong Learning: Motivate graduates to pursue higher studies and research and recognize the need for updating engineering solutions and practice, to meet the changing professional requirements.

Program Outcomes

An ability to apply knowledge of computing, mathematics, science and engineering to solve problems related to Civil Engineering
An ability to identify, formulate, solve and interpret Civil Engineering problems
An ability to design, implement, and evaluate major Civil Engineering projects to meet economic, environmental, social, political, health and safety needs.
An ability to design and conduct experiments, and to analyse and interpret experimental data, and use research based knowledge for solving complex engineering problems.
An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for the practice of Civil Engineering.
An ability to apply contextual knowledge to assess legal, security and social issues and responsibilities relevant to Civil Engineering practice.
An ability to understand the societal and environmental impact of Civil Engineering projects, and need for sustainability.
An ability to understand and apply professional and ethical responsibilities of Civil Engineering practice.
An ability to communicate effectively using oral, written and graphical means in implementing Civil Engineering projects.
An ability to apply professional and managerial skills conducive to effective Civil Engineering practice.
An ability to recognize the need for life-long learning and pursue higher studies and research.