Conservative Dentistry

Dental caries is the most common dental disease. It can lead to discomfort, pain and/or disfigurement of dentofacial aesthetics. Accurate and early diagnosis of dental caries and timely intervention to arrest its progression is of paramount importance in Conservative Dentistry. The bulk of the work in Conservative Dentistry involves restoration of decayed teeth using various restorative materials like amalgam, composite, glass ionomer etc. Since prevention is always better than cure, emphasis is placed on treating dental caries at initial stages using pit & fissure sealants and also involves minimal invasive dentistry procedures. Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals primarily with root canal treatment. Other treatment modalities are surgical endo treatment like apical resection and retrograde filling, treatment of endoperiod lesions, treatment of fractured teeth, avulsed teeth etc.

In addition to these, the department caters to the needs of cosmetic dentistry through tooth coloured fillings, laminates, crowns and tooth lightening treatments. The Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Department at Amrita School of Dentistry is a result of meticulous planning. It consists of all the necessary facilities and equipment to impart training to students. It has a well equipped clinical section, a preclinical laboratory with patient simulators, a chrome-cobalt casting lab and seminar rooms. The academic programme in Conservative & Endodontics spans the 4½-year BDS course, involving 600 hours of preclinical, clinical laboratory and theory classes.

The students are guided in a step-by-step manner in diagnosis and treatment of dental caries and its sequale. The department has been planned in such a manner as to accommodate postgraduate training also as a part of future expansion. .