Department of Physical Education provides ample facilities for the ‘OVERALL’ wellbeing of the young engineers to overcome the stress created by the hectic academic schedule. The prime goal is to develop body fitness &mental strength to mould better citizens for the country. As the saying goes,”Be it a success or failure, it is the courage to continue is what counts.”Students must be courageous enough to take life in its stride, and view success and failure equally. The inventions of the scientific world have been overused and thereby youngsters are averted from the pleasures of joining a crowd for the success of a mission. We guide them to mingle and develop socially to use their leisure time in a productive manner and save them from life style diseases..

The major objective of the department
  1. To improve Physical fitness (Health Awareness)
  2. High performance in sports.
  3. Recreation
  1. Modern Gymnasium
  2. 200mtrs Track (Multipurpose)
  3. Table tennis
  4. Football court
  5. Cricket field
  6. Volley ball court
  7. Ball badminton court
  8. Basketball court
  9. Shuttle badminton court
  10. Kabaddi court
  11. Kho-Kho court
  12. Chess
  13. Archery Equipments
  14. Judo
  15. Weight lifting
  16. Power-lifting
  17. Yoga

Head of Department

Dr. Joly Thomas

Head of Department of Physical Education, Govt. Engineering College, Wayanad.

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