The Parent Teacher Association( PTA) of Government Engineering College Wayanad has been an effective and supportive forum for maintaining the discipline as well as sustenance of academic excellence in the campus. PTA committee meet frequently to transact various agenda pertaining to the development and discipline of the college.. A large number of developmental programmes have been taken up under  the patronage of PTA for the benefit of students and staff of the college. Funding for establishing departmental libraries, installing water treatment plants, enhancing transportation facilities, providing financial assistance for economically backward students of the college are some of these activities.. Moreover PTA instituted awards for best performing students in university examinations and also in extracurricular activities.

The present office bearers of the Parent Teacher Association are :

President : Mr. Poulose U. A.

Secretary : Prof. C. K Raveendran, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Treasurer : Ms. Binatha C, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering